Ten Days Immersive Proximity Training 2022

by | Jul 13, 2022

In the past few decades, science has been undergoing a major paradigm shift from a Newtonian/behavioral focus to a quantum/transpersonal one. The “matter is everything” perspective is giving way to primacy of consciousness.  Quantum science has given scientific validity not only to our potential oneness but also to our subtle experiences of feeling, meaning, archetypal intuition, and spiritual wholeness.  According to the quantum worldview, the creative exploration of these experiences propels us towards a transformational mindset.

Quantum activism is a revolutionary idea that is as fundamental in its construct as it is audacious in what it can achieve- simply a complete transformation of humanity and human society as we know it. The objective of quantum activism is to use quantum scientific principles (in total harmony with the teachings of the wisdom traditions) to transform the human self and society.

The central theme of quantum activism and quantum higher education is the primacy of consciousness over matter. Whereas ordinary activism concentrates on changing the society without affecting the activist, quantum activism and education seeks societal change through the power of self-transformation, where each one of us endeavors to change our own nature so, to quote Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the Change that you want to see”

Each year, a batch of Quantum Activists from all over the world assemble in Jaipur, India to receive teachings from Amit Goswami, Ph.D., the founder of Quantum Activism and his collaborators. One part of this group consists of students from our higher education programs and the other part consists of the enthusiasts who seek to live a dogma free life style of transformation. The event becomes the focal point for learning, growing and networking to build a better future together.

The main topic for this year’s program is archetypes. They are epitomes of thinking, the stuff of intuitions, that has served as the basis of human civilization. There are nine of them and they are: Love, Goodness, Abundance, Power, Truth, Beauty, Justice, Wholeness, and Self. These values are under threat by the prevailing dogma of scientific materialism, the philosophy that says everything is made up of matter. There is no room for human values. We can only have “pretend” values. We pretend to be good to other human beings; otherwise there will be constant conflicts.

Some people don’t approve this pretend philosophy, why don’t we just let our nature come out as it i? Because our brain is much more geared towards negative emotions than what the existence of the archetypes would suggest. Most of the archetypes are in human potentiality. There are a few amnifest circuits of positive emotions—altruism, maternal love, and romantic love; but they are minor in number compared to the negative emotional circuits that our midbrain is loaded with.

So, in this way if people live their nature and let it all hang out, they are overwhelmingly acting out their negative emotions and this is what people are doing gradually in most parts of the world specifically in the United States which gets a lot of attention, rightfully so, as it is the strongest power in the world today.

There is a third way. We don’t pretend but we don’t dwell on our negative emotions either. Instead, we transform. By living the human values and embodying the archetypes, we make positive emotional brain circuits adequate for balancing the negative.  Archetypes and how to use them to transform: this succinctly put, is the theme of the ten days intense workshop.

What we will discuss in the workshop:

  • Brief history of the archetypes
  • How they help us build civilization
  • What happens when we don’t have human values
  • Child development – how archetypes play a role in child development
  • Introduction of the concept of reincarnation – archetypal preference that we develop in this life, the idea of dharma
  • Quantum science of our personality and the Enneagrams
  • Quantum Astrology
  • Quantum Science of the Tarot cards
  • Quantum Science of the Jungian Archetypes and dreams
  • The Quantum science of manifestation of Love, of personal Power, of abundance, of good health, and finally, of becoming whole.


Venue: Stardom Resort, Jaipur, India                      Website: www.stardomresortjaipur.in

Some questions that the workshop will answer:

  • Are the archetypes real?
  • How to find your archetypes?
  • How to manifest the archetypes in your life?
  • how to find your dharma?
  • How do we get out of the base level human condition?
  • How to save democracy, capitalism, love and relationships, health and wholeness
  • Can we let go of the rational mind find a mind where intuitions, archetypes and creativity come naturally?
  • Can we really transform with the archetypes and balance the negative part of ourselves?
  • Can human beings really get to a higher level than they are now, bogged down with rational negative emotions and me centeredness and information processing?

The program will commence on Oct 2nd,2022 and continue till Oct 11th, 2022. Participants are expected to reach the venue by Oct 1st, 2022. You will find the venue details as soon as necessary.


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