August 12-September 10, 2017
Living Quantum Spirituality: A Journey to Spiritual Enlightenment,
An Online Workshop with Dr. Amit Goswami

Workshop Registration: $195


Many people feel it comes as a moment in which you see oneness in everything. Enlightenment may be waking up to that reality of oneness.

Spiritual Traditions and Science, long at odds, are moving towards a new paradigm of understanding the universe of which we are an integral part. Quantum Physics, in particular, is helping us discover that all things are truly connected in fundamental ways. Understanding this connectedness can have a profound effect on our lives and how we relate to the world and to each other.

In this four-week online workshop, Dr. Goswami explores the lessons and paradoxes presented by this new paradigm and leads guided meditations, practices and exercises to give us a new perspective, “a new context for living.”

Throughout the entire workshop Dr. Goswami will be there to support you, provide personal advice, and answer your questions through GlideWing’s workshop forums and private messaging system.

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August 19-20, 2017
Two-Day Workshop: Quantum Activism and Spiritual Healing with Amit Goswami, PhD and Valentina Onisor, MD
The 42nd Annual SSF-IIIHS International Conference
Montreal, Quebec

Quantum Activism
There is a revolution going on in science: a genuine paradigm shift. While mainstream science remains materialist, a substantial number of scientists are supporting and developing a paradigm based on the primacy of consciousness. Scientific evidence for the existence of God and God’s creative power of downward causation is easily revealed when viewed through the conceptual lens of this new paradigm. It is in a non-ordinary state of consciousness in which we are one, and from this perspective the God we are discovering in science is not separate from us. So, what are we to do about these revelations? Quantum activism gives us a manifesto for changing ourselves and our societies using the guidelines of this new paradigm.

In this workshop, participants will explore the transformative aspects of quantum physics. To put it succinctly, these are: non-locality (the ability to communicate without signals); discontinuity (the ability to take quantum leaps without going through the intermediate steps); and tangled hierarchy (the capacity for causally circular relationships). This workshop will also explain how one can use these quantum principles to guide oneself and one’s society toward creativity and conflict resolution as well as toward learning to utilize the energies of love.

Spiritual Healing
The state of health is a dynamic condition, an expression of harmony and equilibrium on all levels of the human being. Spiritual or quantum healing occurs while reestablishing the equilibrium between the microcosms and macrocosm. Relatively speaking, a disease is caused by the lack of harmony in one’s inner universe or with the macrocosm. Fundamentally speaking, disease is born out of the illusion of duality and ego. In this workshop, Goswami and Onisor will emphasize simple and effective guidelines and methods of spiritual healing that are rooted in the ancient wisdom and traditions of the planet, which may allow participants to experience greater inner peace and harmony, freedom, balance, awareness, and self-connection.

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August 25, 2017
An Evening with Dr. Amit Goswami
Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple
Lanham, MD
7:00-9:30 p.m.

There is a genuine paradigm shift occurring in science, away from the material toward the primacy of consciousness. On August 25th, join theoretical quantum physicist Dr. Amit Goswami at the Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple, just outside of Washington, D.C., to discover the transformative aspects of quantum physics, such as non-locality, discontinuity, and tangled hierarchy. Learn how you can utilize these quantum principles to guide yourself and society toward creativity, conflict resolution, and the energies of love.

For more information, please write to:, call: 301-552-3335, or visit in early August for details.

September 9, 2017
Workshop: Through the Looking Glass of the Quantum Worldview:
The Purposive Evolution of Consciousness in Creative Manifestation, Vital Energy
Development, and the Economics of Tomorrow with Drs. Amit Goswami and James Alvino
Antwerp, Belgium

It may be so as the paradox states, that the only constant in the universe is change; but
how that change manifests – its nature and direction – are of the utmost importance in a
participatory universe where Consciousness reigns as the supreme foundation of reality.
In short, We Are That!

In this thought-provoking and mind-stretching workshop intensive, Drs. Amit Goswami
and James Alvino – co-founders of Quantum Economics Business Coaching – take you
on a paradigm-busting ride of spiritual, personal, and professional transformation. This is
an experiential workshop combining lecture, group discussion, personal coaching,
quantum meditation, and practical exercises for expanding your worldview and results.

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September 15, 2017
Business Mastery International Annual Conference
Vancouver, BC

Dr. Amit Goswami will be a featured speaker at Business Mastery International’s 2017 Annual Conference convening in Vancouver, British Columbia in mid-September. For more information, please write to:

September 28-October 1, 2017
International Transpersonal Conference 2017: Beyond Materialism Towards Wholeness
Prague, Czech Republic

The overall state of human civilization and its reign over the Earth is no longer sustainable. When we take into consideration the health of the planet, society and modern man, we have to conclude that we are in crisis. There is a rising number of scientists and specialists who are warning us not only about specific challenges in culture, technology, religion, politics, economics and ecology, but also about their various interactions and the unpredictability of their acceleration and multiplication. However, each crisis may prove to be the trigger of a radical re-evaluation opening up new possibilities of change.

Join Amit Goswami, Stan Grof, Ervin Laszlo and many other prominent speakers from around the globe to uphold the key tenet of the International Transpersonal Conference – we can learn from materialism and move beyond it towards wholeness. Only if we work together can we achieve change and aim for a sustainable state of our civilization, making sure that life on our planet continues for many generations to come.

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October 26-29, 2017
Quantum Activism Workshop
Fundación Columbia de Consciencia y Energía
Buenos Aires, Argentina

There is a genuine paradigm shift occurring in science, away from the material toward the primacy of consciousness. Join Dr. Amit Goswami in late October as he conducts an in-depth Quantum Activism Workshop in exhilarating Buenos Aires. Discover the transformative aspects of quantum physics, such as non locality, communicating without signals; discontinuity, taking quantum leaps without going through intermediate steps; and tangled hierarchy, the capacity for causally circular relationships. Learn how we can use these quantum principles to guide ourselves, and our societies toward creativity, conflict resolution, and the energies of love.

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November 1-5, 2017
Workshop: Introduction to Quantum Activism
São Roque, Brazil

This transformative course, offered by quantum physicist Amit Goswami, a pioneer in the study of science within spirituality, will present the concept of Quantum Activism, a different form of activism, which seeks to develop in both individuals and society a new worldview based upon the principles of quantum physics.

During four days of intense instruction amidst the rustic beauty of São Roque, Brazil, participants will develop a deep understanding of quantum principles and learn how to practically apply them in their personal and professional lives, thereby enabling them to reach their fullest potential. Becoming a Quantum Activist requires the integration of one’s personal capacities, emotions, intuition, and creativity for personal development and the construction of a new society.

Join Amit Goswami and more than 1,000 Brazilians who have participated in the course. Join this community of visionaries. Actively participate in this process of the evolution of consciousness.

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What is Amit Thinking About?

How the Quantum Worldview Gives Us Answers To Both Eternal And Contemporary Questions

When I was a curious preteen, I came across an intriguing idea in the spiritual literature of India: Ultimate knowledge has the answer to everything.  How can that be? I thought. Suppose somebody discovers the nature of God, will that gain him the answer to a physics problem? I was stuck. 

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The Everything Answer Book-CHAPTER 7: The Ego and the Quantum Self

Please enjoy an excerpt from Amit’s latest book, The Everything Answer Book: How Quantum Science Explains Love, Death, and the Meaning of Life. CHAPTER 7: The Ego and the Quantum Self. The self we ordinarily experience is called the ego. The consciousness that can get trapped in the tangled-hierarchical brain in the form of self is not the ego, since it has no memory and conditioning, no personality. The ego personality, on the other hand, is the result of conditioning. But how does conditioning enter the quantum view of the self?

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How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization

Quantum physics is the most successful paradigm of physics ever discovered. All scientists follow it in their practice of science because they have to in order to make predictions. And yet most scientists avoid acknowledging certain embarrassing principles of quantum physics that squarely contradict science’s cherished worldview and exclusive attitudes against the refined aspects of the human experience.

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Preface: The Everything Answer Book

Please enjoy an excerpt from Dr. Amit Goswami’s latest book, The Everything Answer Book: How Quantum Science Explains Love, Death, and the Meaning of Life. Quantum physics is quite old now; almost a hundred years have passed since its complete mathematical formulation. It has been verified by myriad experiments; technologies work when based on quantum ideas; and our society has begun to use the word “quantum” profusely but often with misconception.

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Goswami’s basic premise is that quantum physics is not only the future of science, but it is also the key to understanding consciousness, death, God, psychology, and the meaning of life. Quantum physics is an antidote to the moral sterility and mechanistic approach of scientific materialism. Moreover, it is the best and clearest approach to understanding our universe. In short, quantum physics is indeed the theory of everything.

In seventeen chapters, Dr. Goswami and his colleagues discuss, among other things, how quantum physics affects our understanding of:
Thoughts, Feelings, and Intuitions;
Karma, Death, and Reincarnation;
God’s Will, Evolution, and Purpose;
The Meaning of Dreams;
The Spiritualization of Economics, Business, Politics, Education, and Society Itself.

This fascinating new book will appeal to a wide array of readers, ranging from those interested in the new physics to those captivated by the spiritual implications of the latest scientific breakthroughs.


Since the meltdown of the economy, Amit Goswami, PhD, physicist and author, has been focusing on important issues for a New paradigm for economics and business for the twenty-first century, touching upon the important issues of stability and sustainability of the economy and leadership, creativity and ethics in business, and finally offering a way to achieve a revitalized business arena, an economy of sustainability, prevention of economic meltdowns, and, once and for all, eliminating poverty and hunger. A must-read for the businessperson and the consumer! In stores now – ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY

In Quantum Creativity, Amit Goswami, Ph.D., physicist and author of The Self-Aware Universe, explores human creativity through the unique lens of quantum physics offering readers a new way to nurture and enhance their own creativity—the ultimate source of joy and fulfillment. Click here to order today

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Quantum Economics Business Coaching

Quantum Physicist Amit Goswami has co-founded Quantum Economics Business Coaching™ in collaboration with Dr. Jim Alvino -- international speaker, trainer, author and business coach. Quantum Economics Business Coaching (QEBC) intends to engage entrepreneurs, business owners, corporations and organizations across all industries and markets to help them implement the principles of Quantum Economics in the workplace. To learn how you can become involved with QEBC, or to schedule a lecture or workshop, write to Dr. Jim Alvino at:, or call: 714-717-9301 or 855-626-4562.

The Tenets of Quantum Physics

Non-Locality: We are all interconnected - even without signals, and experimental evidence is proving our inherent unity.

Tangled Hierarchy: In our brain, we become one with the neuronal images of an external object because of a tangled-hierarchy, a circularity. The observer is the observed.

Discontinuity: The discovery of something new of value in thought is a quantum leap of Aha! insight.

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