Quantum Activism Vishwalayam is envisaged to be a model space for experiential learning and living, based on the principles and framework of quantum activism proposed by theoretical quantum physicist Dr. Amit Goswami, PhD.

Our Two-year Master’s Program and a Subsequent Three to Five-Year Doctoral Program in the Quantum Science of Health, Prosperity and Happiness, is the next big leap that we are taking, necessitated partly due to the reluctance of the traditional academe to change its materialist ways. Our Vishwalayam, which is affiliated with the University of Technology from Jaipur, India, provides our students professional level transformational training in consciousness and the quantum worldview with an emphasis on quantum living and the exploration of Wholeness in their professional pursuits.

The quantum worldview confirms the vision of Sri Aurobindo that for the past few millennia, the progress of our civilization is moving toward the evolution of our minds from rational to intuitive, integrating reason and emotions. Accordingly, our long-range vision is to build a quantum society where the intuitive mind prevails.

Why is QAV Unique?

Most post-materialist agendas begin with refuting the materialist paradigm or offering a certain extension of it, however, they remain within the materialist assumption.

We offer teachings that include all the results of materialist science that refer to the machine aspects of human beings. But when it comes to human aspects of the human being, we unabashedly adopt the quantum consciousness-based worldview. In this way, our teachings serve to expand the horizon of science itself, finding its basis in consciousness and nonmaterial experiences such as feeling, thinking, and intuition.

Most institutions of a post-materialist bent are based on someone’s philosophy, often a systems-approach arbitrarily assembling teachings of many disciplines without a proper experiential or experimental foundation. QAV offers an education based upon the established theory of quantum physics and its generalization, quantum science, founded upon solid scientific theory and experimental data.

Most post-materialist institutions have no unique lineage to speak of. QAV offers an education that goes back millennia—all the way to the ancient wisdom traditions mainly developed some five thousand years ago in the Indian subcontinent.

Three tenets of the quantum worldview underlie our teaching.

They are as follows:

Non-Locality: We are all interconnected—even without signals—and experimental evidence is proving our inherent unity.

Discontinuity: The discovery of something new of value in thought is a quantum leap of Aha! insight.

Tangled Hierarchy: In our brains, we become the subject of the neuronal images of an external object because of a tangled-hierarchy, circularity in the brains’ neocortices.

We believe in the scientific tradition that there is only one Truth. Truth is not relative nor is it culturally-based. Our teachers, all speak of one Truth, one paradigm—quantum science—and one quantum worldview.

Why Should You Enroll in Quantum Activism Vishwalayam (QAV)?

– You want meaning, passion and purpose in your life.

– You want to discover congruence between your thinking, living, and livelihood.

– You are looking for spiritual satisfaction and transformation while pursuing your profession.

– You want to connect with the spiritual wisdom traditions of the world.

– You want to contribute to changing the world through transforming yourself and others with – Truth, Love, Abundance, Justice, Wholeness, and other archetypes of value.

– You want to raise your level of happiness, improve your ratio of potential to performance, and assist others in your chosen profession or pursuit.

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