I. Students must be, at minimum, 18 years old upon application.
     II. Students must have earned a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent prior to enrolling.
     III. In cases of exceptional merit, these conditions may be waived at the discretion of the Admissions Board.


Students may apply for admission in either the Fall 2019 semester, commencing August 2019, or the Spring 2020 semester, beginning for new matriculants in December 2019, (students opting to matriculate in December will pursue courses in reverse order). As aforementioned, one ten-day proximity training session in India in January-February will be required each year of the Master’s program.

Direct Admission into the Doctoral Program

For those students selectively admitted to register directly for the Ph.D. program, Dr. Goswami may design a customized roadmap delineating coursework as well as required research. Otherwise, even if a student has already earned a master’s degree, he will be required to successfully complete the first year of master’s coursework before he is eligible to apply for the PhD program. These students must also pass a master’s comprehensive exam before they can be admitted to the PhD program.

Special Circumstances

Students with special circumstances may appeal to the faculty for permission to attend the ten-day proximity training required each year via the Internet. Special circumstances include those individuals suffering an illness or injury that precludes travel or students whose responsibility as a caretaker (mothers with small children) make participation in proximity training a hardship.

One-Year Certification in Quantum Science and Conscious Leadership and Advanced Special Student Status

Prospective students interested in pursuing one-year certification in Quantum Science and Conscious Leadership at QAV or only wishing to participate as an advanced special student in our proximity training session occurring at the University of Technology, Jaipur from January 31-February 9, 2020, are encouraged to write to our Student Affairs Coordinator for more information at Be certain to request an Application for Admission specific to one-year certification applicants and advanced special students.

How to Apply to QAV

Candidates for a master’s or doctoral degree in the Quantum Science of Health, Prosperity, and Happiness may request an application by writing to: or you may also download our application here!

Please complete the application and submit it via email to along with the following documents:
1. Resume or vita
2. Photograph;
3. Standard government-issued ID:
(a) For Indian residents: a copy of any valid government ID including Aadhar, driver’s license, voter ID, PAN card, or your current passport;
(b) For nonresidents: a valid copy of your current passport;
4. Statement of Purpose (500 words): Why do you wish to enroll in QAV?
5. College or university transcripts confirming receipt of your Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degrees.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please indicate your preferred matriculation date. Your application will be reviewed by a two-tiered Admissions Board. All successful applicants will receive a Letter of Admission within one-month of receipt of your application.

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