Tuition and Fees

Four Easy Steps from Application to Registration

1. Each prospective student shall submit an application and all accompanying documents to Quantum Activism Vishwalayam (QAV) at

2. If a student is accepted to QAV, he or she will receive an admission letter via email within five days of submission of his or her original application.

3. The student shall make payment of his tuition and registration fees via wire transfer or by utilizing our online payment portal at by July 20, 2021 to enroll in the Fall 2021 semester.

4. Finally, the student must send an email to the attention of QAV’s Student Affairs Coordinator at informing her of the following:

a) Date of your payment;

b) Method of payment;

c) Total amount of your payment.

Annual tuition and fees for an advanced degree currently in the US, Europe, Brazil, and other nations, run at a minimum of about $12,000 (US).  We are pleased to announce tuition and fees of less than half that amount thanks to the participation of an impressive array of volunteers.

Tuition and Fee Schedule* 

Registration Fee Indian Residents Nonresidents Payment Deadline
Master’s (Nonrefundable) 50,000 INR  700 USD July 20, 2021


Registration Fee Indian Residents Nonresidents Payment Deadline
PhD (Nonrefundable)  70,000 INR  1,000 USD July 20, 2021


First Semester Tuition Indian Residents Nonresidents Payment Deadline
 140,000 INR  2,500 USD July 20, 2021


Second Semester Tuition Indian Residents Nonresidents Payment Deadline
 140,000 INR  2,500 USD November 30, 2021


Indian Residents Nonresidents
Total (Full-time Enrollment per Annum)  315,000-350,000 INR 5,700-6,000 USD

*Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice. Tuition and fees do not include transportation costs, hotel fees or meal charges pertaining to mandatory annual proximity training in Jaipur, India.

Portuguese translation services are available to QAV students for a $500 (US) annual fee.

One-Year Certification

One-year Certification students shall be subject to a one-time tuition fee of $2,250. Certification students are not subject to a registration fee, however, if Portuguese Translation Services are desired, certification students must be prepared to pay this additional fee.

Payment Details

Payment may be submitted via wire transfer. If you prefer this payment option, please write to our Student Affairs Coordinator at for wire transfer information.

Payment of tuition and fees may also be made via credit card. Please utilize out payment portal at:, or simply click on the button below.


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