Enrollment Options with QAV

We offer transformational education in three different professional areas consisting of both proximity and distance learning:

  1. Quantum Integrative Medicine;
  2. Quantum Integrative Psychology;
  3. Quantum Economics, Business and Social Affairs, in particular, Education and Politics.

Every prospective student, either for foundational learning, professional and applied education, or for research and teaching, shall consider the following enrollment options:

1. Students with an undergraduate degree or equivalent may register for a master’s program taught directly by Dr. Amit Goswami, who will be assisted by domain experts, handpicked and trained by him.

2. Students, if they so desire, may opt after one year of successful study to exit the program with a professional certificate in “Quantum Science and Conscious Leadership.” Students will also be eligible for teaching Quantum Activism workshops using our brand worldwide.

3. Upon completing the master’s program, students will have the further option of working under any of the approved faculty members to complete requirements for the award of a Ph.D.

4. Students who have a master’s degree may be allowed, at the discretion of the Admissions Board, to directly register for the Ph.D. program. There will be additional requirements for them that they may choose to audit.

Master’s Comprehensive Exam 

The courses offered in our Master’s program serve as preparation for the Master’s Comprehensive Exam that all Master’s candidates must pass in two parts – each portion of the exam is administered after completion of each year of courses. Both of the exams will be administered in Jaipur, India during the scheduled proximity training (ten to twelve-day in class session) for the respective year.

Proximity Training at QAV

Each year of our advanced degree programsis comprised of two semesters, which combined span eleven months. Students are required to partake in a mandatory ten-day proximity training program once annually. The proximity training, as previously indicated, is modeled on the Gurukul learning principles of ancient ashrams in India. The training assists in fostering a quantum connection amongst participants that is essential if our students are to derive full transformational benefits.

To facilitate well-rounded professional development amongst our students, the proximity program will be followed by online guided education in each course as well as some additional fully online video courses. New enrollees will benefit by online introductory material in preparation for proximity training.


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Why Should You Enroll in Quantum Activism Vishwalayam (QAV)?

– You want meaning, passion and purpose in your life.

– You want to discover congruence between your thinking, living, and livelihood.

– You are looking for spiritual satisfaction and transformation while pursuing your profession.

– You want to connect with the spiritual wisdom traditions of the world.

– You want to contribute to changing the world through transforming yourself and others with – Truth, Love, Abundance, Justice, Wholeness, and other archetypes of value.

– You want to raise your level of happiness, improve your ratio of potential to performance, and assist others in your chosen profession or pursuit.

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