We offer transformational education in three different professional areas consisting of both proximity and distance learning:

1. Quantum Integrative Medicine
2. Quantum Integrative Psychology
3. Quantum Economics, Business and Social Affairs, in particular, Education and Politics.

Master’s students will be encouraged to train in all professional areas since they are quite intertwined. In the future, we hope that our extensively trained graduates will have an opportunity to co-create a Quantum Village for conducting their professional and personal lives according to quantum principles.

The two-year master’s program is tentatively comprised of the course list. For qualified students planning to enroll in the PhD program, the courses offered in the master’s program will act as preparation for the comprehensive exam that all master’s candidates must pass before starting their thesis work.

Instruction is in English, though Portuguese translation will be available to students for an additional $500 fee.

Why Should You Enroll in Quantum Activism Vishwalayam (QAV)?

– You want meaning, passion and purpose in your life.

– You want to discover congruence between your thinking, living, and livelihood.

– You are looking for spiritual satisfaction and transformation while pursuing your profession.

– You want to connect with the spiritual wisdom traditions of the world.

– You want to contribute to changing the world through transforming yourself and others with – Truth, Love, Abundance, Justice, Wholeness, and other archetypes of value.

– You want to raise your level of happiness, improve your ratio of potential to performance, and assist others in your chosen profession or pursuit.

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