The Educational Program

The two-year master’s program and the three to five-year PhD program are tentatively comprised of the course list below. The courses offered in our master’s program serve as preparation for the comprehensive exam that all master’s candidates must pass. The additional third and fourth-year courses serve PhD students’ advanced research interests. Please bear in mind that all advanced degree students will pursue the following courses in their first two years (QS1 through QS26):


Advanced Degree Course List (Years One and Two) 

QS1 The Quantum Worldview and Quantum Activism (3 Credits)

Elements of the quantum worldview that pertain to the growing worldwide movement of quantum activism will be explored.


QS2 The Quantum Science of Manifestation (2 Credits)

In this course, we discuss that most popular question, “If I can choose reality according to quantum physics, how do I manifest the things that I want?”


QS3 Quantum Science and Indian Spirituality (3 Credits)

The essence of the spiritual discoveries and practices of Indian spirituality—both ancient and modern—as explicated in the Vedanta, the Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Aurobindo’s integral yoga, and the tradition of Tantra will be discussed.


QS4 Physics of the Soul (2 Credits)

A scientific explanation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead and the Upanishadic theory of reincarnation will be offered.


QS5 Happiness and Enlightenment (1 Credit)

The quantum version of positive psychology and a science of enlightenment will be explored.


QS6 How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization (2 Credits)

In this course, we will examine how the social systems of democracy, capitalism, and liberal education are in mortal danger of collapse under the current worldview polarization, and we will consider how quantum activism can save civilization.


QS8 Living Quantum Spirituality (3 Credits) 

This course shall offer a brief introduction to the quantum worldview as it pertains to a developing science of human experiences, creativity, and spiritual transformation.


QS9 The Quantum Science of Experience (4 Credits)

This course will explore how quantum science explains human experience—its subject/object polarity, the multiplicity of the experiences of sensing, feeling, thinking, and intuition; the external/internal dichotomy.


QS10 Quantum Neuroscience (4 Credits)

The quantum science of how the brain works, that is, a full explanation of the aspects of the brain that traditional scientific approaches leave as mysterious, is explored. We explain how the brain establishes its two-selves modality—the transpersonal and the personal. We explain the mysteries of the unconscious and the preconscious, and how meditation works as the doorway to elevated states of consciousness. The origin of the brain’s negativity—both the universal and the individual—is explained with hints about how we might tame that negativity. We also delve into the subject of pleasure and addiction. Finally, we discuss how to rewire the brain for transformation.


QS11 Quantum Creativity (4 Credits)

This course will offer a brief introduction to the quantum science of creativity, creative manifestation, and spiritual transformation.


QS12 Quantum Meditation (7 Credits)

This is mainly an experiential course on the quantum approach to the age-old practices of meditation and yoga.


QS13 The Ascent of Humanity (3 Credits)

In this course, we will study the ascent of humanity from the single celled amoeba to the current rational mind, why the ascent has stalled (Kali Yuga), and the way out.


QS14 Quantum Economics (3 Credits) 

The quantum extension of Adam Smith’s and other classical capitalism to a quantum capitalism that eliminates boom and bust business cycles and assures sustainability will be discussed.


QS16 Quantum Leadership (3 Credits)

This course will examine the quantum science of leadership qualities including moral authority and emotional intelligence; also, quantum entrepreneurship (“quantumizing” businesses and humanizing corporations) will be explored; finally, leadership in education and politics shall be considered.


QS17 The Quantum Doctor (3 Credits)

Traditional and modern medicinal practices have been integrated under one scientific umbrella and a scientific theory of medicine has been developed. We will explore both practice and theory.


QS23 The Quantum Science of Happiness (4 Credits)

The science of the entire scale of happiness from psychosis to neurosis to normal to positive to radiant mental health will be examined.


QS24 Quantum Spirituality (5 Credits)

In this course, we will study how quantum science offers its own brand of spirituality based on the exploration of the archetype of wholeness rather than the traditional exploration of the archetype of self. This is spirituality suitable for students who wish to remain in samsara rather than seek nirvana.


QS25 Quantum Yoga (5 Credits)

The quantum integration of all systems of yoga, including raja yoga, karma yoga (yoga of appropriate action), bhakti yoga (the path of love), jnana yoga (the wisdom path to spirituality) and tantra—the path of raising vital (kundalini) energy through the chakras (the quantum version of Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga)—will be explored; this course is mainly experiential.


QS26 The Quantum Neuroscience of Intelligence (3 Credits)

We will study how to rewire and optimize the quantum brain, bring the brain in synchrony with the body, and scale new heights of happiness and intelligence. We will discuss mental, moral, emotional, and supra-mental intelligence.


PhD Students: Years Three and Four


QS15 Quantum Politics (3 Credits)

In this course, we will consider the means of saving democracy from raving elitism and moving towards a quantum participatory society.


QS28 The Quantum Science of Integrative Medicine (4 Credits)

This course has two objectives: (1) to change the medical mindset from a disease centered model to a health and prevention of disease centered practice; and (2) To develop a science of medicine with an emphasis on both theory and empiricism that deals with wholeness of all the five bodies of the human being—physical, vital, mental, supra-mental, and spiritual.


QS29 The Science and Art of Love and Relationships (3 Credits)

We show that there is a quantum science behind the usual ways we experience love which also tells us about the art of exploring love. We take you through the different techniques and stages of the exploration of love including tantra and Bhakti Yoga. We teach you all five areas of relationships: parent-child, friendship, boss-underling, self-love, and sexual/romantic.


QS30 Quantum Higher Education (2 Credits)

Higher education is discussed as a means of uplifting us from ignorance to wisdom. After a brief history of how this lofty ideal was compromised in the current cultures across humanity, we discuss ways to return to the ideal by introducing the concept of transformational education. Finally, how transformational education will entail changes in parenting and to elementary school education is discussed.


QS31 The Quantum Science of Mental Health (4 Credits)

This is the quantum version of an abnormal psychology course. We discuss child, adolescent, and adult development to find the roots of mental disease. We discuss the variety of mental diseases from psychosis to neurosis to normal coping with emotional stress. We discuss quantum psychiatry for the brain and the body, including psychological healing techniques such as psychoanalysis, Jungian psychology, cognitive/behavioral coping techniques, transpersonal and yoga psychology, all integrated with the ideas of quantum science.


QS32 Quantum Entrepreneurship and the Exploration of Prosperity (3 Credits)

The objective of this course is to discuss all the new business opportunities that quantum science has created. We will demonstrate that the exploration of these new entrepreneurial adventures can lift us from the current poverty mindset to a prosperity mindset.


QS33 Quantum Gerontology (3 Credits)

This course is about chronic diseases, their causes, prevention, and healing. In short, this course considers how we might grow old gracefully.


QS37 Frontiers of Quantum Science and Consciousness Studies (4 Credits)

This course will be topical, changing from year to year and focusing on the current problems of research pursued by our students. We will also discuss such general questions as research methodology, the components of an effective research paper, thesis presentation using laboratory techniques as well as other practical issues.


QS38 Doctoral Research (Course Credit is not Assigned)



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