The Educational Program

The two-year master’s program and the three to five-year PhD program are tentatively comprised of the course list below. The courses offered in our master’s program serve as preparation for the Master’s Comprehensive Exam that all master’s candidates must pass in two parts – one portion of the exam is administered after each year of courses. The additional third, fourth, and fifth-year courses serve PhD students’ advanced research interests. Please bear in mind that all advanced degree students will pursue the following courses in their first two years (QS1 through QS26):



(Entries are in Chronological Order)

 QS0 The Quantum Re-enchantment of Reality | 4 Credits

How our spiritual and materialist views of matter, consciousness, God, and the soul are integrating within one quantum worldview of an enchanted reality.


QS1 The Quantum Worldview | 4 Credits

In this course, we review the quantum worldview with special attention to quantum activism. Emphasis shall be placed upon basic quantum physics, the quantum worldview, and the quantum principles that are most used in quantum activism.


QS2 The Quantum Science of Manifestation | 3 Credits

In this course, we discuss that most popular question, “If I can choose reality according to quantum physics, how do I manifest the things that I want?”


QS3 Science and Spirituality | 4 Credits

We trace the lineage of quantum science, a developing science within the primacy of consciousness, all the way to the birth of Indian spirituality, especially the Vedanta.


QS4 Physics of the Soul | 3 credits

The subject of this course is reincarnation: its scientific theory, evidence, and lessons.


QS5 Happiness and Enlightenment | 3 Credits

This course is an inspirational preview of spiritual transformation as a journey of increasing happiness.


QS8 Living Quantum Spirituality | 3 Credits

This course is an introduction to (1) the basic principles of quantum physics and quantum measurement, (2) quantum science, and (3) the quantum worldview and how to live it.


QS9 The Quantum Science of Consciousness and Experiences | 4 Credits

The quantum science of experience and how it generates new concepts for integrative and preventive psychology and medicine, especially the concept of five, not one, bodies to take care of.


QS10 Quantum Neuroscience | 4 Credits

This course is about the brain and the experimental evidence that is mounting in favor of quantum neuroscience.


QS11 Quantum Creativity | 4 Credits

After a definition and a four-fold classification of creativity (situational and fundamental, outer and inner), we discuss the quantum theory of the creative process in some detail.


QS12 Quantum Meditation | 8 Credits

The field of quantum physics is considered to be on the leading edge of science and scientific research. Although meditation and quantum physics may seem to have nothing in common to many, meditation is the gateway to our “inner reality” which is a “quantum reality.” It serves as the bridge between the three-dimensional mechanistic external universe and the multidimensional internal quantum universe.


QS13 Quantum Biology and the Ascent of Humanity | 4 Credits

To begin this course, we consider the question, “What is life?” Then Darwin’s theory of evolution is discussed and debunked.


QS14 Quantum Economics | 4 Credits

Students will understand the history of Adam Smith’s capitalism, its historical parameters and limitations, current aberrations of capitalism in the global marketplace, and how a science formulated according to the quantum worldview offers both a foundational science and metaphysical framework for ushering in a new model of capitalism.


QS17 The Quantum Doctor | 4 Credits

The purpose of this course is to demonstrate the scientific nature of conventional and alternative medicine (CAM) through the principles of quantum physics and to explore ways to integrate them to build a new integrative medicine for human beings.


QS23 Quantum Psychology and the Science of Happiness | 4 Credits

In this course, we take up the subject of happiness beginning with the quantum version of positive psychology. We then define a scale of happiness—the expansion of consciousness serving as its defining factor. We review the basic science of experience, theory of reincarnation and evolution, and the theory of creativity.


QS16 Quantum Training for Leadership in Business | 4 Credits

This course assesses how developed you are as such a leader. It teaches you how to change attitudes and behaviors. It shows you how to increase your impact by building magnetic love- based charisma founded upon an authentic character centered in balance and harmony.


QS24 Quantum Spirituality: Quantum Training for a Life of Congruence | 4 Credits

We argue the case for defining and charting a worldly path to spirituality based on the exploration of the archetype of wholeness. We trace the lineage of this path to Sri Krishna’s integration of Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Jnana Yoga in the Bhagavad Gita, the Bodhisattva vow of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, and to Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga.


QS25 Quantum Yoga: The Nutrition of the Five Bodies | 8 Credits

There are no course prerequisites. We will start with simple postures and gradually move on to more complex techniques. The postures will be assumed in a meditative ambience, where the

emphasis is on the inner experience of energy-flows and states of consciousness. Students will be given practical keys for understanding the meaning of the hidden symbolism of yoga science and for correlating this information with already known scientific knowledge.


QS28 The Quantum Science of Intelligence: Training for Developing Higher Intelligence | 4 Credits

For years, researchers have speculated about many facets of intelligence other than what is measured in IQ. However, there has been no scientific theory of higher intelligence. In this course, a quantum science of intelligence is developed that includes all the facets of intelligence earlier reported.



QS29 The Quantum Science of Love and Relationships | 4 Credits

We posit that Love is an archetype, an aspect of consciousness in its suchness. In this way, love is a context of higher thinking and noblest feeling. Love is also the most important transformative force in our lives and can lead us towards Wholeness – inclusive love. Love is a self-discovery journey and a divine gift.


QS31 Quantum Integrative Medicine | 4 Credits

This course is dedicated to everyone genuinely interested in healthy living, and it refers to the awakening of that healing power that we all have within. The quantum worldview and the discontinuous healing path to the supra-mental makes way to develop an integrative medicine that provides us with a metaphysical foundation for all types of therapies.


QS34 Quantum Yoga and Health Management Training: Healing | 5 Credits

The techniques of quantum yoga are applied to healing. Some of these techniques are basic such as meditation and pranayama for balancing sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Others are deep meditation combined with intense periods of visualization in the do-be-do-be-do style of the creative process to affect a quantum leap of healing.


QS35 Vital Energy: Integrating All Vital Energy Healing Systems, Creative Awakening of Kundalini, Applications, and Technology | 5 Credits

This course is about vital energy and its applications to medical science and technology. It deals with basic definitions, theory, and measurements, the chakras, their normal functions, abnormal functioning and energy blocks, chakra medicine and psychology, vital creativity and the opening of a chakra, the phenomenon of kundalini awakening, vital energy technology, and vital economy.


QS20 Quantum Psychology and the Science of Mental Health | 4 Credits

The course begins with outlining the major new features of the quantum paradigm from a mental health point of view. We then discuss development from childhood to adulthood, note omissions in the mental health perspective that could be pathological, and discuss optimization of child and teen development.


QS38 Quantum Psychotherapy Training: Treating Neurosis the Quantum Way | 3 Credits

This course essentially consists of quantum psychotherapy training: a therapy utilizing quantum principles and tools such as creativity while considering the developmental issue of a particular client.


QS33 Quantum Relationship Counseling Training | 3 Credits

In this course, we teach a large variety of relationship management and counselling training, including with oneself.


QS30 Quantum Education | 3 Credits

The quantum science of education is developed in the same vein as ancient India’s concept of Para Vidya, education that takes you beyond the veil of the base-level human condition to higher intelligence and happiness.


QS37 Quantum Life Coaching and the Return of the Archetypes: Training Quantum Professionals for Optimal Prosperity | 3 Credits

Under the influence of first, Euro-imperialism and second, materialist science, professions have lost their original motivation, namely archetypal exploration. In this course, after a brief historical review, we will discuss how the archetypes must make a comeback and professions become restored to their civilized intent.


QS32 Quantum Economics and Business Coaching | 3 Credits

This is a course for coaching would-be entrepreneurs to start up a new quantum business, assisting seasoned entrepreneurs to quantumize existing businesses, and specifically teaching how entrepreneurs might seek profits while simultaneously doing good in the world and building lasting legacies.



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– You want to connect with the spiritual wisdom traditions of the world.

– You want to contribute to changing the world through transforming yourself and others with – Truth, Love, Abundance, Justice, Wholeness, and other archetypes of value.

– You want to raise your level of happiness, improve your ratio of potential to performance, and assist others in your chosen profession or pursuit.

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