Dear friends,

Last year was a good one for me personally and, what is even more satisfying, for the quantum activism movement as a whole.  The year began with a conference on consciousness in Puebla, Mexico where the high point for me was to meet the illustrious Ervin Lazlo, who has been talking about the quantum field of consciousness for two decades.

In May, I attended a conference of quantum physicists where conventionalists and mavericks talked openly and with respect for one another about their different ways of interpreting quantum physics without any sensor.   This is a far cry from the days in the nineties when I began.  In the nineties, we heard rumors that the American Physical Society had started censoring papers that mentioned anything paranormal in them.  Now, how do you talk about quantum nonlocality (signal-less communication) without mentioning the paranormal phenomena, like telepathy?  I also remember, in the early nineties, a luncheon conversation at one of the first conferences on consciousness research in Tucson, AZ with another illustrious physicist Henry Stapp who propounds the consciousness-based interpretation of quantum physics like me.  Henry said that he privately agreed with me that the consciousness we are talking about is the same as defined in the Indian Vedanta, but he would not go so far as to say it publicly.  Imagine moving from there to here from censorship to the openness displayed at the conference in Paris in a mere two decades!

Moving right on, in Sao Paulo, Brazil last year in September, we celebrated, thanks to the efforts of book publisher Adriano Fromer Piazi, the 300th graduate of the 4-day quantum activism course/workshop that involves twenty-four contact hours.

Last year was a year of a satisfying scientific discovery for me.  In spiritual traditions, many people talk about the heart center as a center of identity for consciousness.  For example, if you read conversations with Ramana Maharshi, you will find that Ramana is talking about the conscious self being located at the heart chakra.  This has always puzzled me as it would any scientist because the modern belief for very good reason is that the self happens via a tangled hierarchical mechanism in the brain.  Thanks to the inspirations gained from conversations with a Chinese medicine practitioner and chi gong master, Master Lu, I realized there is a tangled hierarchy in connection with the heart, after all, involving the vital blueprints

And in November, at a consciousness conference in Bologna, Italy, I met Gioacchino Pagliaro, whose work on the importance of the heart in healing so resonates with my own work that we are now in the process of writing a book together on the subject.

Pagliaro and I are also in the process of setting up a center for quantum activism in Bologna, Italy that will become the hub of the movement in Europe.  In the same vein, I am negotiating with another great soul about establishing a center in Melbourne, Australia.

This brings me back to the present moment, this year.  What’s ahead?  Thanks to Terry Way, we now have a regularly functioning center in Eugene, OR where we are holding monthly meetings, and where we will hold our first weekend workshop on quantum activism on the weekend of June 28th-29th (more details later).

That’s it for now.  Wishing you lots of breakthroughs in your personal growth program with quantum activism this spring.

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