Please enjoy an excerpt from the August 2014 issue of Soul & Spirit Magazine:

Manifest your DREAMS

Unlock the true potential of cosmic ordering, and find out how it helped to shape one lady’s success

By Hannah Smithson

When we think about cosmic ordering, we consider it to be the act
 of placing an order with the universe and waiting to receive it. But, what is the key to unlocking its potential, and is it as simple as giving out good vibes and attracting them back – in a boomerang-like fashion?

Of course, you’d be forgiven for thinking that if it’s as easy as they say, it must be too good to be true. But the good news is, if you are willing to look inside yourself, to throw that boomerang out with true belief and courage, then the good things you desire should in fact come back to you! It seems the key to cosmic ordering is to have faith in the universe and its ability to deliver what we wish for, while keeping in mind life’s bigger picture.


Remember the film Practical Magic? That classic scene where Sandra Bulloch mixes all the ingredients of her soul mate into a bowl and watches as the petals fly as her ‘order’ is placed with the universe – could this work in real life or is it only possible in the movies? Clinical hynotherapist, Sloan Sheridan-Williams certainly thinks it is possible! “Manifesting what you want in theory is as easy as drawing up a list about your soul mate as Sandra Bulloch does in the film,” she smiles. “To me it’s a simple process of identifying what you want, organizing it visually and then asking for it with an open mind. It is a way of using positive thinking and 
a creative energy to draw into your life that which you desire.”

In essence, Sloan says it’s all about trusting in a greater plan. “Cosmic ordering is about detaching yourself from the outcome and having faith in the universe or whatever drives you to complete the pieces of your personal puzzle to achieve a happy fulfilling life. It is the realization that the world is abundant and that there is something much bigger than yourself guiding you.”

In scientific terms, cosmic creativity and the attractor principle is discussed in Amit Goswami’s new book, Quantum Creativity.

The well-renowned scientist and retired PhD professor from Oregon tells us that having imagination and creativity is a good step to begin with. “Creativity really starts with intuition, and imagination is part of the preparation which we do as conscious processing; the crucial work is done at an unconscious level – this precipitates that ‘aha’ moment! Finally we manifest that insight, surprise or pure creative thought,” says Amit.


Cosmic ordering has been around for centuries. In fact, you’ve probably practiced it without even realizing! Some believe that affirmations, prayer and wishes all come under the same umbrella. Put simply, the concept relies on positive thoughts to be put out to the audience and calls upon us to reach out past our boundaries, and accept that anything is possible when we have faith.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, Sloan deals with the subconscious mind which she says is the greatest saboteur of cosmic ordering. “It’s the largest culprit of negative self-talk and can in many circumstances continually send out unhelpful thoughts and messages that hinder the achievement of our goals.”


We’re all familiar with the law of attraction, and the idea that like attracts like – this is considered a key element of cosmic ordering. Sloan works extensively with the laws of attraction to help her clients to achieve their goals. “I have researched a myriad of different areas over a decade of practice with the main focus being how to help my clients get what they want,” she explains. “Whether I pass on my knowledge in a spiritual manner, (such as that of cosmic ordering or a more mathematical logical manner of how people can achieve their goals with the law of attraction) the goal is the same.

“The law of attraction concentrates on the tremendous power of focus and highlights to us that like attracts like, therefore, in order to manifest that which we want, we have to follow a few ground rules and to live in harmony with the natural rhythm around us.”

But what’s the scientific point of view? “The platonic archetypes – love, beauty, truth, etc. – are quantum possibilities of consciousness. When consciousness chooses, we experience what we call intuition,” Amit explains. “Things come to us unasked. So we can say they are attracted to us – this is an attractor principle.”


You’d be forgiven for likening it to spell casting and magic, although there’s a lot more depth to cosmic ordering. “In the sense that it requires focus, internal mental organizational skills and the carrying out of set tasks in a way that could be ritualistic, it could be likened to following a recipe or creating a spell,” Sloan confirms. “However, to reduce it to such a simplistic level would be doing it a disservice. Manifestation 
has limitless application and therefore limitless results.”

Amit believes cosmic ordering taps into both science (the process and how it works) and art (actually putting the process into practice). But is it witchcraft? “To the uninitiated, to the quantum world view, it sure seems like that,” he says. “This is why concepts such as the scientific method still influence so many people.”

Another way to look at it is to consider the reticular activating system part of the brain as your personal radar. “It can be used to spot that car you have always wanted or that new dress. It is hyper alert and very attentive
 to small details and changes in people, circumstances and environment,” adds Sloan. “It is a great tool so long as it is not burdened with negative personal issues and self-doubt. It can be programmed each morning with your thoughts, and from these observations your intuition and impulses can act upon
 a good foundation. Whether you call it intuition, impulse or a sign from the universe, the key is to act upon it. Expect it, trust
 it, and follow through.”

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