As Quantum Activists, How do We Respond to Trumpism?

By Dr. Amit Goswami

Good question, huh?  I want to start a discussion, and I hope you will engage.  I hope you will agree with me that this is important.

The way I see it, traditional Democrats are doing it mostly wrong, too much us versus them thinking.  If you are a quantum aficionado, you know that there is no them, it is all us.

Try to understand what is happening from a movement of consciousness point of view.  Trump is amplifying movements that already existed in our society for some considerable time.

Take Trump’s habit of lying, sometimes even contradicting what we ordinarily call fact.  Trump indeed has given the term fake news a new momentum.   But did he originate it?  Did Rush Limbaugh?  Did Republicans?  Did scientific materialists whom Democrats generally support?  The truth is, it is hard to pinpoint who bears the blame.

The history of science does show that one of the popular outcomes of the theory of relativity, at least in terms of how it is popularly understood, is that everything is relative.  Everything?  Truth included, claims the scientific materialist.  In scientific materialism, there is no validity to intuitions and what we experience through intuitions—the eternal archetypes of which Truth is the major one, because without it, how do you know what a scientific law is, or even what a fact is?

Many scientists think that they can get around this difficulty via the idea of objectivity.  If two or more people observe the same thing, then they reach a consensus that would enable us to assign objectivity to an event that we can call fact.  But you know what?  Nobody ever sees anything while simultaneously thinking about what he or she might have seen.  And thinking is internal, always private.  I can never directly verify if you are thinking what I am thinking because of the possibility of your lying.  And the same is true for you.

This is why people who push so-called evidence-based science are fooling themselves.  As Einstein indicated to Heisenberg, one cannot have fact without some underlying theory with which one sees fact.

We quantum activists see things differently.  There is absolute Truth, and the only way to discover it is via intuition or, even better, via a creative insight.  We grant that because of the involvement of the mind, we can only approach Truth in our search for it but never can guarantee that we have reached it.

So Rush Limbaugh’s denying the veracity of global climate change is not all that different from materialist scientists denying the veracity of what they call the paranormal phenomena.  By labeling something paranormal does not make it so.  In view of quantum nonlocality, when the quantum worldview becomes the norm, so will the paranormal become the norm.

Now do you see that Trump’s lying is just amplifying the difficulties inherent with relativizing Truth?  Similarly, the disinformation campaign that we currently complain about was started by behavioral scientists (who of course followed scientific materialism avidly) when they utilized economics as a mathematical tool to control the public’s buying habits through marketing techniques.  Yes, the behaviorists succeeded. Marketing works to homogenize people’s demand for goods well enough to make it predictable, but at what price?  Look at the ads today, especially for pharmaceutical drugs.  Talk about disinformation!

Elitism.  Yes, we all recognize that the Republicans favor the old money elite to which Trump belongs.  Naturally this is a problem for democracy; elitism hurts democracy. But do you know that Democrats too, by their tacit acceptance of scientific materialism, subscribe to another form of elitism—meritocracy?  It takes smarts to run today’s very sophisticated government with all kinds of sophisticated decisions that we need to make that involve today’s advanced science and technology!  Naturally, we need a bureaucracy consisting of Harvard graduates (this is what I call meritocracy).  President Obama expresses his satisfaction with the American system that a man of his pedigree can be elected president of the United States, but he forgets that he also belongs to an elite—meritocracy—just as Trump belongs to old money.

The truth is that elitism in any shape or form is bad for democracy.  This side of excrement versus that!

What is the quantum activists’ take?  We do not approve of old money elitism; Trump and the Republican Congress want to give tax relief to the super rich that guarantees to keep them in power. We oppose that.  But materialist capitalism gives undue influence to material technology enhancing the power of the sophisticated meritocrats. We see through that also.  We demand that the government helps the economy move in such a direction that it pays attention to “subtle” economic goods that enhance the quality of our lives.  This brings back simplicity in our lives at the same time reducing the perceived discrepancy between the rich and poor by defining rich on the basis of quality of life determined by the archetype of abundance.

Now do you see the role of Trump in the movement of consciousness?  Yes, Trump is filthy rich, and his filthy rich friends will run the government in such a way that benefits the filthy rich.  His election is amplifying an already existing antidemocratic movement in the society—the movement toward elitism.

To a Democrat who is also a quantum activist, it is not us versus them, it is us versus a worse us.  So we work toward eliminating the root problems:  Republican feudalism and Democrat scientific materialism by moving the society toward a unifying quantum worldview.

Health care. This issue is probably one for which there seems to be some real ground for feeling us versus them.  Twenty million people—imagine that—will be deprived of health insurance if Obamacare is dismantled as Trump and Republicans have vowed to do.  Clearly in this case, “them” are wrong and we are the righteous.  We want to keep Obamacare to save all these people from misery.  But think again.

Examine your own behavior.  Admit it! When Obamacare was being created, you were not so enthusiastic about it, were you?  I was not.  Why?  Because there is a much better way of doing it, and it is much cheaper too.

Obamacare has created a crisis situation true to its Chinese meaning—crisis is both danger and opportunity.  But the danger is mostly for the Republicans; many of the sufferers are Trump devotees who will be disillusioned.  The opportunity is mostly for Democrats; they now can go for a better version of Obamacare when the Donald loses four years from now.

The quantum activist knows exactly how to improve health care in this country and elsewhere.  Usher in quantum integrative medicine: an integrative system that uses allopathy for emergency and alternative subtle medicine systems (such as acupuncture and homeopathy, and mind-body healing) plus all the power of preventive medicine that the integrative medicine is generating for the regular maintenance of heath.  The pharmaceutical Industry will hate it, but the insurance companies will love it.

Russia.  Well okay, Trump is not playing his cards well, and Democrats and Republicans who are critiquing him are right.  But still Trump is right about one thing: one has to create an openness with Russia which is much better than starting a new cold war.  There is no gain by making Russia into a them either.

Israel.  Again, admit it, the two-state solution is not going anywhere with politicians everywhere taking a very short-term view of policy making.  So, be open minded.  Change may be faster if Israel becomes a new South Africa.

I will admit that there are two areas where Trump is a genuine danger: the environment and nuclear war.  However, don’t ever forget that here also the us Democrats, by supporting scientific materialism blindly, must take some responsibility in how the environment got this way.  As for the danger in the nuclear arena that Trump poses, I have the following story to offer:

A clergyman in some future time (much more than four years) dies and goes to the gates of heaven where he finds another man waiting at the gates, too.  Soon St. Peter arrives to greet the newcomers.  The clergyman is ready, but to his dismay St. Peter only welcomes the other man with great fanfare.  Only after the other man is taken away, he turns to the clergyman.  The clergyman cannot keep it to himself.  He says with not a little frustration, “Sir, I have worked all my life spreading the message of the Lord God; what has that man done to deserve so much more welcome than me?”

St. Peter replies with a chuckle, ”My good fellow, you don’t understand.  People only slept when you led them in prayer.  That man is Donald Trump.  When he was the President of the USA, the whole country prayed everyday.”

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