Quantum Activism Vishwalayam is envisaged to be a model space for experiential learning and living, founded upon the principles and framework of quantum activism propounded by theoretical physicist Amit Goswami, PhD. The courses and pedagogy are based upon the solid foundations of science and the essence of the ancient traditions of learning in an ashram while residing with one’s teachers and co-participants.

The decade old quantum activism movement, initiated in the U.S. by Dr. Amit Goswami, has now found its permanent home in Jaipur, India, where a very ambitious plan to establish a global education center, Quantum Activism Vishwalayam (home of the world in Sanskrit), has been launched.

Our Vishwalayam is providing students with professional level transformational training in consciousness and the quantum worldview with an emphasis on quantum living and the exploration of wholeness in their professional pursuits.

Currently, we are recruiting students for our one-year certification program in “Quantum Science and Conscious Leadership.” Training will consist of two semesters comprised of proximity and distance education via the internet.

Students with at least a Bachelor’s degree and professional training (or equivalent) with an interest in one or more of the areas below are encouraged to apply:

(1) Quantum Integrative Medicine and Quantum Integrative Psychology;
(2) Quantum Economics and Business; and
(3) Quantum Society consisting of the creative arts, humanities, politics, and education.

For more information, please contact us via email at info@amitgoswami.org, or visit our website at http://quantumactivism.org.

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