Quantum Activism Vishwalayam, a Transformative Institution of Higher Learning and Living,

is Offering Advanced Degree Programs in Conjunction with the

University of Technology, Jaipur,

in the

Quantum Science of Health, Prosperity, and Happiness


We Are Currently Accepting Applications for our Fall 2021 Semester

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Dear Friends,

If you have received this message, you are already a part of those 15% of people today who are seeking a higher education that can bring meaning and purpose to their lives. In recent years, quantum science, a science within the primacy of consciousness based on quantum physics, is providing complete answers to all outstanding issues of consciousness, life, health, prosperity and happiness. Consequently, my colleagues and I have felt inspired to offer a master’s and PhD level program on this subject.

Quantum science is different from the traditional science of objects since it is a science of consciousness and of subjective experiences of meaning and purpose. Nowhere is this revealed more than in having a fourth and fifth component added to the three-prong way that science is usually practiced: theory, experiment and technology. Quantum science adds two new components. These are experience and transformation based upon higher purposive experiences.

In this way, I am inviting you to an entirely new form of graduate level education: TRANSFORMATIVE EDUCATION. The goal is to train you not only as a professional in your field but simultaneously as a teacher to your clients – a professional who walks his or her talk. Why is this important? In this way, their transformational expertise will change society for the better towards more meaning and purpose as well as dealing with issues of health, prosperity and happiness at much higher levels than is done currently.

Our master’s and PhD programs are affiliated with a fully accredited university in India. It is mostly an online education program, comprised of pre-recorded video courses, live webinars and textbooks as well as an annual ten-day proximity training in Jaipur, India. Our tuition is affordable (about half of what similar institutions demand). Our faculty is interested in disseminating the new quantum paradigm of consciousness and its immediate applications, while preparing humanity to come out of the current crisis conditions.

For example, a health professional not only needs to help treat disease but also should aim to provide patients with preventive health management skills as well as with an awareness that we are more than our physical bodies.

In psychology, it is very clear that even psychoanalytic therapy requires a creative dimension, and creativity is something that therapists have to teach their clients so it might be applied in their healing and lives.

In business, we have nearly exhausted the “value added” of material technology. How many generations of cell phones or faster computers do we really need? In a few decades, robots will eliminate nearly all the normal physical and low-level mental jobs that have supported our local economies for millennia. To ensure human growth, we must prepare our populations with mentally and emotionally stimulating professions. We need business leaders to develop these professions on mass, and this requires quantum science.

The failure of most of today’s higher education in addressing our meaning and purpose is well known. What is not known is that there is already a new quantum paradigm waiting for large scale social application and assimilation.

The Dalai Lama has said: ‘’No model of reality can be built without quantum physics.” Quantum science is the NEW SCIENCE OF AN ENCHANTED REALITY that restores values, creativity, purpose and meaning in our lives.

Once again, my colleagues and I warmly welcome you to join the Quantum Activism Vishwalayam family! Please contact our Student Affairs Coordinator at info@amitgoswami.org to learn more today!

With love and dedication,

Amit and the Faculty and Staff of Quantum Activism Vishwalayam


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