Crisis happens. Crisis induces fear and anxiety, no doubt. For the quantum activist though, one who lives by quantum principles, a crisis presents opportunities.

“How so?” you may ask. Easy. Quantum science says that we experience fear, anxiety, and all that, in our psyche. Objects in the psyche are quantum objects. In contrast of Newtonian physics which is deterministic, inflexible and non-changeable, quantum physics is the physics of possibilities. When you behave from conditioned homeostasis, psyche becomes Newtonian too, making you a prey of negativity. It is up to you, up to us, to remain tethered to conditioned and Newtonian homeostasis of the psyche or opt for the quantum. Yes, quantum science says, you can say no to conditioning; you can intend to choose new possibilities, and higher consciousness hears you if your intention is synchronized with the purposive movements of consciousness, it does, and you get to manifest your wish.

Let’s now be more specific. Coronavirus. There are both physical and mental aspects of our problem with coronavirus. The physical aspect is to find preventive measures: What possibilities can we choose to keep ourselves physically healthy at this time when the coronavirus is spreading exponentially? Apart from the obvious hygiene stuff, isolation is our most effective choice,but this leads us to the mental part of our dilemma arising from the disruption of our regular normal functional routine.


Physical Aspects

Let’s consider the Physical aspects first.

What’s a virus? How do viruses work? In quantum physics, we distinguish between living and nonliving. Only the living can be conscious —can live, experience. The nonliving lives in the unconscious; however, unless a sentient being experiences it, it has no manifest existence.

A virus is a half-alive structure.Though nonliving, it is a strand of a potentially replicable nucleic acid molecule in potentiality; it cannot replicate, however, it needs proteins from a host to help make its own proteins, and then it can reproduce, it can live, it can rapidly multiply in the host’s suitable organs — organs that are not functioning properly — if it can defeat the organ’s defense mechanism. And that brings us to our defense mechanism, the immune system.

You hear a lot about strengthening the immune system from our medical experts. They have no theory of what makes the immune system and other organs function, but they have learned a lot from empirical data. On that basis, they tell us about food that can help you: ginger, onion, garlic, turmeric, oranges, and the like. All good.

Can we do better now that we have a science of the living software, the vital body, in quantum science? See, organs have a molecular physical hardware; this part is governed by physical laws. But living software is purposive; physical laws are casual.Purposive laws govern the subtle bodies of the psyche because they are nonphysical. These are the quantum laws mentioned above.

These software laws of the vital are telling us a lot of new things. Most importantly, we are learning about a science behind the chakras. There are seven chakras, all of them along the spine.Each one is the center of an important organ function, that is, important arenas of play of the vital software. When a vital software comes into play, an organ is activated; we feel the energy of the organ function as a feeling connected with the organ function.

The immune system straddles the heart and the navel chakra. At the heart, it has the crucial thymus gland, which distinguishes between the body molecules and foreign molecules and kills off the foreign molecules. The immune system is the defense system.

But this a prosaic material way of thinking about the immune function. The conscious way to think is that the thymus gland distinguishes between “me” and “not-me.” I see you; you are not me to me, and my body’s immune system will defend me against you. But if I love you, I includeyou in my expanded feelings of me. What has happened? My immune system has been put in momentary suspension.

It is easy now. For its wellbeing, the immune system needs this continual suspension; it gives it rest. Just like the neo-cortex. Wherever there is experience, wherever there is a self to experience, there is a need for rest. There are only three chakras where we have direct subject-object experience of “I” and my object of experience at the chakra: the brow chakra associated with the neocortex where the object of experience is thought, the heart chakra associated with the immune system where the object of experience is other love, and the navel chakra associated with the digestive organs where the object of experience is self-love or self-worth. All these organs at these chakras need rest.

Back to coronavirus. Its preferred host in a malfunctioning lung. Malfunctioning implies that the hardware-software, physical-vital connection has gone awry. If the lungs are healthy, the virus does not get its preferred host, and its effect will be mild.

So, our first quantum preventive healing hint: how to improve the vital software of the lungs.

But of course, if the immune system is healthy, it will succeed in killing off such a mild attack. Even if the lungs are not so great, but the immune system is healthy, there will be complications, but sooner or later the immune system will succeed — it is only a matter of time. The patient will survive.

The fatal situation is when the lungs are not healthy, neither is the immune system. Then when its weak response is not helping the lung, it goes berserk;it over-functions, goes into overdrive, and it is the overdriven immune system reactions that eventually kill the body.

So, our second quantum preventive healing hint: how to keep the immune system from malfunctioning and how to give it needed rest.


Mental Aspects

Not surprisingly, the mental aspects of when you are dealing with the coronavirus epidemicarise from the breakdown of our daily routine.Moreover, most of us are busy do-do-do people; we are not used to beingby ourselves! Our mood swings often, even at work. But business and the culture of emotion suppression work. Alone with ourselves, even with your job to do at home, the mood swings haunt you. You raid the refrigerator more often than not to keep anxieties at bay. You are suffering from what my friend filmmaker Carl Blake calls “abusity.” People who have child abuse in their developmental history and traumatic memory as a result, have a tendency of overeating and getting obese. Those tendencies now can come back in a hurry.

Others have relationship problems. Today’s people never learn, never have the opportunity to learn about relationships, especially intimate relationship. It is all on the job for most people.

And people who live alone, they suffer from loneliness. Loneliness because they never learned to love themselves. Also, what is there to love? Most people’s psyche is full of emotional garbage — the culture does not teach them mental hygiene.

Thus, some of the mental issues are the same as the physical-vital: how to institute proper hygiene of your brain — organ software, again – and how to loveyour partner and also yourself –immune system issues.


How to Love

Nonliving matter is quantum at the micro; but when micro builds the macro, it loses most of the quantum movement and becomes Newtonian. It is still potentiality, but virtually determined potentiality. But I am getting into unnecessary details.

The macro matter potentiality (the hardware) comes to be conscious when it develops a tangled hierarchy, and consciousness uses the vital software to make it quantum. Once that is done, consciousness can change from Oneness to a subject and object. In the process, it identifies with one (or more) organs in the body, a self-identity.

You are familiar with your thinking self in the neo-cortex. Quantum science has led me to discover that there are two more such self-identities: Yes, one of them is at the heart (having a heart is not just for women!);the other one is at the navel chakra, where the gastrointestinal organs of anabolism are. You have heard men talking about their gut-feelings, even Donald Trump. Cartoonists joke about the Donald’s gut feeling, but truly it is no joke.

The self in the brain is a thinking self; it has feelings, but thinking usually overwhelms the self-identity there. In summary, we cognize our sense perceptions with thinking.

How do we cognize with the selves in the body? With feeling, of course! Think! Cognition with feeling is possible. Our likes and dislikes arise from the feeling side of cognition. Animals with no neocortex, such as your pet dog, cognize –who can deny that? — with feelings.

How do human beings receive stimuli in the body? Mostly, especially in the current era of the rational mind, through the brain. The brain has connections through nerves and neuropeptide molecules to body organs at all the chakras, even to the immune system. In this way, the selves at the navel and the heart chakra provide the feeling while the brain gives meaning to our experiences of stimuli. If you are sensitive, you will occasionally feel an experience rather than just think about it. Those feelings lead to the memories that we call nostalgic.

This is the local way. With other living beings though, who are alive with vital energies, we can directly communicate via consciousness. This is in our nonlocal mode — much like mental telepathy. We can communicate this way with plants and pets, and also people, when we are in love.

In the olden days, we could love people more easily because we were not so cerebral, especially women. But now?

We still learn to love in a few select cases; it is built into us via evolution. Romantic love is built into us; people who have romantic episodes can use those software programs again and again. Unfortunately, they are not really workable when the context changes. Same with that maternal love that most of us grow up with. Maternal love circuits are built into the mother; children pick up some loving habits from that, which, unfortunately, have the same problem;they don’t seem to apply in a different context.

Applying what works in one context to a different context requires creativity, situational creativity. The full archetypal context has not changed; you are still exploring love. But learning to make situational adjustments still requires a quantum leap—this is called situational creativity.

Spiritually sensitive people also describe a phenomenon that in physics terms is similar to a resonance — an increase of intensity of vibrations due to frequency matching. This happens when we are able to respond to an intuition — an archetypal stimulus — with feeling alone. Archetypes are potentialities just as the vital software whose movements we feel as vital energies are potentialities for consciousness to choose from. Archetypes are forever new; you cannot make a representation of an archetype with old remembered feelings.

So, you have to attune yourself via inspiration, intention, and some practice. A process very similar to how we tune up a musical instrument that also uses this resonance phenomenon. The new feelings are coming from your quantum leaping to new modifications of your vital software, also bringing about change in your organ functioning.

In this way, learning to love is an art; it requires creativity. The good news is that quantum science and empirical research have uncovered the mystery that creativity once was. Creativity is no longer a reserved experience that only special geniuses get to explore. With the creative process known, anyone can be creative.

It consists of using both conscious processing — imagination and divergent thinking — and unconscious processing — processing of the potentialities before they are actualized. The firstrequires a lot of focused doing such as reading and/or thinking of different divergent ways of solving your problem. The second requires doing nothing, just relaxed being. I discovered that if we alternate focused doing and relaxed being, the process is most effective. Like that old Frank Sinatra refrain: “do-be-do-be-do.” Then comes the quantum leap, the sudden insight giving you the new inspired thought. All that remains is to make the thought into a new product.

The creative process is the same for both thinking and feeling. For producing many old divergent feelings, we move the body as in dancing or shaking, or practicing specific arm movements as in qigong or Tai chi. Moving the body in different ways effect changes in the software and associated feelings. We have to keep the archetype — love — in our psyche during the whole process even when we follow up the doing phase with a being phase. Now do-be-do-be-do with inspiration and intuition; the quantum leap — tuning, resonance — will happen.

Now that you know how to tune in love with a particular persona, you can invite love energy into all of your relationships.

You can do this even in a time of coronavirus and isolation; it works long distance too.Local contact through the Internet is good to begin with by way of a process called correlation or entanglement. When this results in a temporary bond of nonlocality, an inclusive expansion of your consciousness, then you are ready for the creative tuning into love with this person.


How do you Strengthen a Weak Pair of Lungs?

A do-be-do-be-do approach involving a breathing practice called pranayama works miracles to strengthen the lungs, in fact, all organs. It consists of alternative deep inhaling; the organs come to burst into function one by one as you inhale and supply oxygen to those in your abdomen, chest, and throat. This is the do-phase. Then you deliberately hold the breath for a few seconds. This is called kumbhaka in Sanskrit, but you can easily recognize it as the be-phase of the creative process. And then you exhale slowly (deoxygenation) as the organ progressively ceases functioning, stopping the movement of vital energy. Repeat this a few times.

Notice that the lungs straddle the heart chakra and the throat chakra. The throat chakra function is expression — speech, singing, etc. A very good practice is singing in the shower; the tiles reflect, which produces reverberation. Your singing sounds inspirational even to yourself.



Singing in the shower is also an effective means to curb loneliness by learning to love yourself with the help of the crown chakra that gives you somatosensory appreciation of yourself. So, while in the shower, if you hold a mirror in your hand and sing a love song to yourself, you will have made use of an easymethod for developing self-love and energizing yourself at the navel.

Again, you may find in our current coronavirus crisis some opportunities to explore your infinite potentialities for personal growth. This is quantum activism for changing yourself. How are you becoming an effective activisthelping others as you help yourself? First, you always include everyone in your intention making — your intention should always serve the greater good. Second, go ahead and share with others how you are engaging in personal growth during this period instead of wallowing in despair and watching tired programming on Netflix.

The recipe for maintaining well being is ultimately very simple: keep yourself in expanded consciousness as much as you can during your waking hours. Whenever contraction hits you and you become aware of that, bring yourself firmly back to an activity (doing or being) that helps expansion. Keep expanded and be healthy, happy, and whole.

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