By Amit Goswami, PhD, Valentina Onisor, MD, and Gautam Lodaya, MS


The Healing of Coronavirus: Quantum Style

Life during the Covid-19 pandemic has become especially challenging due to the uncertainty, fear, anguish, and irritability people are commonly suffering worldwide. This pain is compounded by too much exposure to electronic media, unauthenticated posts or“fake” messaging, and changes in routine. Thus, managing one’s mental/emotional health has become trying to say the least.

When we bring economic concerns into the picture, what then? We fall into a double bind: to keep the virus from spreading, the surefire safe thing to do is to stay home—isolation. Some people can work from home, but a large contingent cannot.  There just aren’t enough jobs today that people can work remotely.

So, the politicians who say, we cannot make the solution worse than the problem are not entirely wrong; they do have a point. More and more of them are suggesting this compromise:

  • Isolate people as efficiently as possible. Let the first wave of the pandemic sweep over.
  • A small percentage will suffer from the infection and die; but a much larger percentage will develop antibodies and immunity. Eventually, what is called herd-immunity will kick in. As this happens, let the economy resume; people would go back to work and mix and mingle.
  • When the second wave of infection comes, because of the herd-immunity, likely augmented by vaccination, much fewer numbers will be infected, an even smaller fraction will die—a small price to pay for saving the economy.

The fallacy of this approach, of course, is you develop immunity only if either you survived your exposure to coronavirus or the vaccine works for you. There will still be many (it is hard to predict how many—the most vulnerable certainly)that will die. Fits with the survival-of-the-fittest mindset of Darwinism, but Darwinism is dogma.

From the software side, dealing with the coronavirus entails three aspects: 1) strengthening our defense; 2) strengthening the organs, especially the host-sites of the virus, most especially the lungs; and 3) strengthening the vitality of the whole vital body.

The immune system is our defense. It straddles the heart and the navel chakra. At the heart, one finds the crucial thymus gland, which distinguishes between the body’s molecules and foreign molecules and kills off the foreign molecules.

But this is a prosaic material way of thinking about immune function. The conscious way to think is that the thymus gland distinguishes between “me” and “not-me.” I see you; you are “not me” to me, and my body’s immune system will defend me against you. But suppose I love you, I include you in what I feel is me. What has happened? My immune system has been put in momentary suspension.

For its well-being, the immune system needs this continual suspension, it gives it rest. Just like the neo-cortex. Wherever there is experience, wherever there is a self to experience, there is a need for rest. There are only three chakras where we have experience: the neocortex, the heart, and the navel. The organs at these chakras—the neocortex, the immune system, and the gastro-intestinal system need rest.

Back to coronavirus. Its preferred host is a malfunctioning lung. Malfunctioning implies that the hardware-software, physical-vital connection has gone awry. If the lungs are healthy, the virus does not get its preferred host, and its effect will be mild.

So, our first quantum preventive healing hint: how to improve the vital software of the lungs.

A do-be-do-be-do practice involving the breathing practice called pranayama works miracles to strengthen the lungs, in fact, all organs. It consists of alternative deep inhaling—the organs burst into function, chakra by chakra, as you inhale and supply oxygen to the organs in your abdomen, chest, and throat. This is the “do” phase. Then you deliberately hold the breath for a few seconds. This is called kumbhaka in Sanskrit, but you can easily recognize it as the “be” phase of the creative process. And then you exhale slowly, deoxygenation as the organs progressively stop functioning, stopping the movement of vital energy. Repeat this a few times.

But of course, if the immune system is healthy, it will succeed in killing off mild attacks. Even if the lungs are not so great, but the immune system is healthy, there will be complications, but sooner or later the immune system will succeed, it is only a matter of time. The patient survives.

The fatal situation is when the lungs are not healthy neither is the immune system. Then, when its weak response is not helping the lung defend itself, the immune system goes berserk; it over-functions, goes into overdrive, and it is the overdriven immune system reactions that eventually kill the patient.

So, our second quantum preventive healing hint: to keep the immune system from malfunctioning, to give it needed rest.

The recipe here is love. Meditation on the heart is a good technique.

Activate your heart chakra. You can do this in two ways. Use both. First activate your palms by rubbing them together; then bring your activated palms to your heart chakra and hold them about an inch away for a minute until you feel energy in the heart. Concomitantly, remember a heart-warming emotional experience from your memory recreating the memory as vividly as you can. The combination will amplify your heart energy.

At the next step, you practice concentrating on that heart energy for about ten minutes. If your attention falters, firmly bring it back to the heart energy.

There is another interesting symptom of coronavirus—fatigue all over the body, which we have already indicated is due to the general disconnect of the living hardware and software. This is an indication that coronavirus actually intrudes on all the organs in the body. We mentioned above how coronavirus, by depleting the body of vital energy, produces silent hypoxia. This fatigue all over is another fallout.

So, our third quantum healing hint: keep all your vital software in dynamic balance. Be creative about caring for your vital body, all of it.

There is an easy-to-practice exercise of prevention here. Rub your palms together, then separate the palms making a small gap between; you feel tingles, right, the movement of prana. Now outstretch the palms all the way facing them up towards the sky; make an intention for vital energy from all the living strata of the entire cosmos. Close your eyes. After a minute or so, you should feel the tingles intensify.

What you are doing is to connect to the vital energy of others through nonlocality. Once you get good at this, you can dowse yourself with vital energy as needed to rejuvenate. Do this exercise several times a day.

An Integrative Quantum Healing Program in India

In India, at the Dr.Lodaya Hospital for Quantum Integrative Medicine at Haveri, Karnataka, one of the co-authors of this article, surgeon Gautam Lodaya, MS (equivalent to the traditional MD) has initiated a mainly Quantum Ayurvedic program for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. The reduction of suffering has been enormous; patients come out of the hospital fully healed in 7-10 days. Below is the regimen the patients follow:

  1. The patients perform certain special pranayama. They are:
  2. Bhastrika
  3. AnulomaViloma
  4. Ujjayi
  5. Bhramari
  6. Kapalabhati

The pranayama method helps to maintain the important quantum creativity/Newtonian conditioning balance of vital energy. Each Pranayama is done at least 10 minutes twice daily.

  1. The patients perform acupressure exercises called mudras as needed for their ailments. Each mudra is to be practiced for a minimum of 20-30 minutes twice daily. It is advantageous to perform the mudras alongside the following pranayama practices:

– For a wet cough and cold, practice the Linga/Surya mudra.

– For a dry cough, sneezing and body pain, weakness and fever, practice the Varuna Mudra.

– For difficulty in breathing, practice the Linga/Garuda Mudra.

– To increase immunity, practice the Prana Mudra

These mudras can be performed even by patients admitted to the ICU. For unconscious patients, the posture of the mudra can be performed by a nurse and kept in position by sticking tape.

III. Meditation: It is critical that patients practice meditation for at least thirty minutes as soon as they arise for the day and when they are winding down before bed. This helps, among other things, to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. In this way, overactive SNS from sleep disturbance is prevented.

During the day, every hour for five minutes, healers should send vibes of love and healing to not only the patients but also to all sufferers around the world by chanting a mantra called shanti (Sanskrit for peace). The mantra is as follows:

Sarbebhabantusukhinaha, sarbesantuniramayaha

Sarbebhadranipashyantu, ma kaschitdukkhavagbhabet.

Let everybody expand in consciousness, let everyone be free of disease

Let everyone see (the truth), let there never be suffering of separateness.

Any yoga teacher can instruct you in these advanced pranayamas and mudras. These practices can further assist you in coronavirus prevention as well; for that, perform the same routine at a substantially lower intensity.


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