Love is an essential component of quantum transformation.

Most of us perceive love as critical to our wellbeing, yet traditional science has not yet offered us an understanding of why we are unable to love or why, when we do love, we fail to love others enough. Nor is there a reliable scientific recipe for deepening love within an existing relationship. Never fear, quantum science offers a viable scientific theory of love.

In this video series, we will present the Quantum Science of Love based upon quantum physics and the primacy of consciousness. You will learn that:

  • Love is an archetype, a context of higher thinking and noble feeling to be explored via quantum creativity;
  • Love is also the most transforming force in our lives, and it can lead us eventually to a Love of Wholeness;
  • Finally, love is a journey of self-discovery and a divine gift.

This video series is for everyone, whether single or in a relationship.

The following topics, amongst others, will be addressed:

  1. An Introduction to the Quantum Science of Love
  2. What Stops Us from Loving
  3. Attracting Love Into Your Life
  4. How to Experience Love in a Deeper Way
  5. An Introduction to Healing and the Integration of Vital and Sexual Energy in a Couple’s Relationship Founded on Love
  6. Science of the Heart: Its Awakening
  7. Relationship Challenges: Opportunities for Healing and Growth

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