HERO’S JOURNEY: Transformation Quantum Style

by | Jul 13, 2022

Ten Days Immersive Proximity Training

Sep 24 to Oct 03 , 2023, Jaipur, India


In the past few decades, science has been undergoing a major paradigm shift from a Newtonian/behavioral focus to a quantum/transpersonal one. The “matter is everything” perspective is giving way to primacy of consciousness. Quantum science has given scientific validity not only to our potential oneness but also to our subtle experiences of feeling, meaning, archetypal intuition, and spiritual wholeness. According to the quantum worldview, the creative exploration of these experiences propels us towards a transformational mindset.

Quantum activism is a revolutionary idea that is as fundamental in its construct as it is audacious in what it can achieve: a complete transformation of humanity and human society as we know it. The objective of quantum activism is to use quantum scientific principles (in total harmony with the teachings of the wisdom traditions) to transform the human self and society.

The central theme of quantum activism and quantum higher education is the primacy of consciousness over matter. Whereas ordinary activism concentrates on changing the society without affecting the activist, quantum activism and education seeks societal change through the power of self-transformation, where each one of us endeavors to change our own nature so, to quote Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the Change that you want to see”. Each year, a batch of Quantum Activists from all over the world assemble in Jaipur, India to receive teachings and practical applications from Amit Goswami, Ph.D., the founder of Quantum Activism and his collaborators. The major part of this group consists of students from our higher education programs (Masters’ and PhD’s) together with other enthusiasts who aspire to live a dogma-free life style of transformation.

The proximity event is the focal point for learning, growing and networking, in order to build a better future together.

The topic for this program is Hero’s Journey: Transformation Quantum Style. Higher education in quantum science implies removal of ignorance about how we think (expand your worldview), how we live (expand the spectrum of our experiences and level of happiness and well-being) and how we can make our living (shift from doing a job to exploring an archetype). This is what in mythology is called Hero’s Journey. The journey of transformational education is as exciting as the title ‘Hero’s Journey’ makes it sound.


  • The nature of our ignorance and the base-level human condition
  • Agents of transformation, quantum physics gives us a visionary window for gale winds of transformation
  • Intention making and creativity are the basis of a science of manifestation
  • Child development: what helps and what prevents our Hero’s Journey
  • Introduction of the concept of reincarnation: archetypal preference that we develop in this life, the idea of dharma
  • Tools of transformation
  • Quantum Science of the Jungian archetypes and dreams
  • Quantum Science of Astrology and Tarot
  • The Quantum Science of Manifestation of Love, of personal Power, of Abundance, of good Health, and finally, of becoming Whole
  • God is in the details
  • Hero’s return – How the Hero transforms the society?


  • What makes inner transformation a Hero’s Journey?
  • What are archetypes, why are they important?
  • How do you find your archetypes, your dharma?
  • Quest of the Hero – How do you explore and embody the archetypes?
  • How to let go of the rational mind and allow intuitions, archetypes and creativity come naturally?
  • How to transform with the archetypes and balance the negative part of ourselves?
  • How to save democracy, capitalism, love and relationships, health and wholeness
  • How to help human beings get to a higher level than they are now, bogged down with rational negative emotions and me centeredness and information processing?

Venue: Stardom Resort, Jaipur, India                      Website: www.stardomresortjaipur.in

A Special Invitation from Amit

Disciples were asking their Zen Master a question: “Master, you look like us, talk like us, eat like us, put your pants on one leg at a time like us, then what makes you a master? Why do they call you a master?”

The Master said: “Because I can see the mighty oak tree in an acorn, the soaring eagle in an egg, and the wise sage in a baby, they call me a master.”

The moral of the story is direct. Unless you can see possibilities in a student, how can you help her to grow beyond her natural endowments, the base level condition? In order to develop this capacity, you need to explore and embody the desired possibilities yourself. What are the possibilities you need to cultivate the most, possibilities that transform?

This question is addressed in a story in the Upanishads. Twelve-year-old Shvetaketu was sent by his father Uddalaka to study under a guru. For twelve years he learned and then he came back to his father.

“Father, I have mastered the Vedas (the most veneered spiritual book for Hindus), the sastras, and the ritual performances,” declared the youngster proudly hoping for a compliment.

The father did not cooperate. “Son, all good. But have you learned that knowing which everything else can be known?”

The son was puzzled. “I do not understand.”

The father said: “Bring a fruit of that fig tree,” pointing to a tree. The young man quickly found a fruit and brought it to his father.

“Now break it open,” said the father.

The young man complied and found seeds. “Break open a seed,” ordered the father.

The son did that with some difficulty. “But there is nothing in it,” he declared.

“My son, that no-thingness, only possibilities, is that knowing which you know everything about the future of the seed, the whole tree, got it? The same with reality. It is made of no-thingness, we call it Brahman, only possibilities.”

In today’s language, the Sanskrit word Brahman is translated as consciousness. Quantum physics points us to this wisdom, Reality is consciousness and its possibilities to choose from.

What are those possibilities that change us, transform our base-level human condition to one that is happier and really intelligent. Some of the possibilities are objects that always stay separate from us; we can sense them, feel them, think about them, identify with them temporarily. But in essence, we, the experiencer, remain separate and qualitatively different from the objects of our experience.

There is a second part of the Shvetaketu story. The son wanted to know more. The father instructed him to pour some salt in a pitcher of water. “Leave that pitcher alone. We will continue the discourse tomorrow.” With that, he went to sleep.

The following morning, Uddalaka asked his son to bring the pitcher. He then demanded of his son, “Remove the salt from the water.”

“I can’t”, said the son, “It has dissolved.”

“Now taste the water”, instructed the father.

The boy did so. “The water tastes very salty.”

The father inquired, “Tell me my son, have we lost the salt?”

“No, father. The salt has dissolved in the water. It is now part of the salty water.”

“In a similar way, when you embody the essence of Brahman in you, it becomes you. Tat tvam asi – You are that.

Okay. Admittedly, the metaphor the wise father used is not perfect in today’s standard. Today, we can separate salt from salty water through distillation. But sans that, you get the point.

Quantum science is elaborating the message further for us today. The essence of consciousness — we call them archetypes – Truth, Love, Beauty, Justice, Wholeness etc. – dissolves in us when we explore them to fruition. We embody them and transform just like water becomes salty.

Obviously, the spiritual wisdom traditions of the old and quantum science of today are telling us one and the same thing: true education is transformation embodying the archetypes.

For that, we first need to change our worldview from the one that has mesmerized our education based on the primacy of matter (matter is the ground of all being) to one that quantum physics is insisting on: CONSCIOUSNESS IS THE GROUND OF ALL BEING.

The second part of the transformative process consists of exploring and embodying the archetypes.

Together, the two parts constitute the mythical hero’s journey, carried out in the quantum style using quantum principles that has made it accessible to virtually everyone motivated to undertake the journey. You are invited!

The program will commence on Sep 24, 2023 and continue till Oct 03, 2023. Participants are expected to reach the venue by Sep 22 ,2023. You will find the venue details as soon as necessary.


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